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Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 41: April 18 - Holy Week

This is it.  The final week.
Is this where we get all our questions answered?
Or all our answers questioned?

There is a story about a psychologist
who had seven theories on child-raising
and no children.
Some years later he had seven children
and no theories.
That’s what having children does to you.

When I was young
I thought I had all the answers to life.
Now, some years later
I’m not even sure I know
what all the questions are.
That’s what life does to you.

Is this the end
or the beginning?
Or neither?
Maybe there is no beginning or ending.

Palm Sunday looked like a great new beginning.
Good Friday looked like the final end.
In fact, neither was either.
All their answers were thrown into question.
That’s what Jesus does to you.

We want endings and beginnings, but maybe
real life is lived always in the middle.
That’s what it feels like.
No matter what begins.  No matter what ends.
I’m always right in the middle of everything.

That doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t
like to have some answers.

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