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Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 44: April 21 - It Wasn't a Denial

have we been wrong about you?
We have blamed you for
when all the time you were
“I do not know the man.”

I wanted to know.
Later I would.
But then
I wanted him to be
what I wanted him to be.
And I did not know the man.

I tried to know.
“So I should forgive up to seven times?”
“Show me how to walk on the water.”
"Explain this parable to us."
He replied
"Are you also still without understanding?”

I tried to understand.
First, "You will never wash my feet."
Then, "also my hands and my head!"
“Later you will understand,” he said.
I did not know the man.

I thought I knew.
“Who do you think I am,” he asked.
“You are the Christ,
the Son of the Living God.”
He blessed me for that, though
I did not know what I was saying.

 “I am going to Jerusalem where
I will be put to death.”
“Never,” I said,
“That will not happen.”
“Get behind me,” he said.
I did not know the man.

Up on the mountain:
magnificent manifestation.
“Let me build three shrines,” I said.
I did not know the man.

They came to arrest him.
I pulled a sword.
“Put it away,” he said.
I did not know the man.

I stood by the fire.
They asked if I knew him.
I moved away.
“Surely you knew him.”
The cock crowed, and I wept
I did not know the man.

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