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Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 47: April 24 - Prayer To The God We Are Afraid To Know

Eternal Spirit,
far beyond knowing,
yet known to us in our
deepest innermost being:

You who are beyond the outermost reaches
      of the universe,
we reach out to you with words
      of one of the languages of this small planet
      and presume that you understand,
only to discover that you understand
      far more than we can speak
      of the inner longings and desires of our hearts,
      far more than we intended
      of the evil that lurks in the dark corners of our souls.

We ask you to reveal yourself, and you turn
and reveal ourselves to us
      far more than we ever wanted anyone to see
      including you . . . including ourselves.

We seek to master the complexity
      of who you are,
and you come to us in the simplicity
      of one who broke bread, drank wine, and said
      “Love one another like this,” and then
      washed our feet.

We ask to see the full light of your presence;
you wisely shine it on us in small quantities
lest we be so blinded
we lose sight of you altogether.

Eternal Spirit,
far beyond knowing,
continue to make yourself known to us
as much as we can stand.  Amen.

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