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Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 45: April 22 - Not If God Can Stop You

Reading a book
one line jumped out:
"God will not let us go to hell in peace."                     (Distant Fire, p. 9)
I knew it!
That fits!
That sounds like God!

Two other pictures.
One:  God as judge--
God sends us to hell.
that doesn't fit...
a house divided..

Two:  God as indifferent--
God allows us to go to hell.
We choose our own fate.
That doesn't sound like God.

Another view:
There is no hell.
But we know better,
don't we.

We keep trying to go there.
And God keeps trying to stop us.
God doesn't ignore us.
God will not leave us alone.
God will not let us enjoy our sin.
God keeps stirring our conscience,
disturbing our peace.

If you're going to go to hell,
you'll have to fight God
all the way
to get there.

"God will not let us go to hell in peace."

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