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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Episode 40: April 17 - An Opportune Time

This could be the moment.

There may be another chance in the garden.
But this just might be the opportune time.

When the temptations in the wilderness were
finished (or so it appeared) 
Luke tells us the devil “departed from him
until an opportune time.”                                                (Luke 4:13)
One of the more menacing lines in Scripture.

What kind of time is opportune?
When is one vulnerable to temptation?

When you are down:
      in need, in trouble, in desperation.
      You’ll do anything to get a way up.
      Or try any escape to find a way out.
Jesus already passed that one.
      How down and desperate was he after
      starving for 40 days.

When you are in the middle.
      Life is good.  Life is smooth.
      You’re guard is down.
      You can wander off track before you know it
Jesus passed that one everyday.
      He was always alert to whatever tricks
      anyone might throw his way.

When you are up.
      Riding the crest of the wave.
      Everybody loves you. You can do no wrong. 
      Or can you?
This is the opportune moment to catch Jesus.
      Ride that wave.  Listen to the crowds.
      Give them what they want.  They’ll make you a king.
      Wear that crown and lead the march to victory.
      Come on, Jesus.  Hosanna! 

“Then he entered Jerusalem and went into the temple,
and when he had looked around at everything…
he went out to Bethany with the twelve.”                      (Mark 11:11)

No rally?  No stirring speech?  No demonstration?
What a missed opportunity.  No.
There was no giving in to the opportune moment 
that would have tempted him away from his true mission.

I wish I had that kind of restraint.
I wish I had that kind of trust in God.
To be able to understand that
what looks like a moment of opportunity
is in fact a distraction
from the true path.

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