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Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 48: April 25 - The Night After Easter

'Twas the night after Easter,
      and locked in a room,
The disciples sat wondering
      there in the gloom.

The women had told them
      that Christ had arisen;
But that went against
      all sense and all reason.

If Christ were alive
      and was seen by the women
Why had he not first
      shown himself to the men?

They sat and awaited
      a knock at the door.
If he came, would they know him?
      Would he look like before?

And suppose it were soldiers
      who knocked at the door?
Not knowing the answers,
      they stared at the floor.

But they needn't have wondered
      how they would tell,
If at the door
      came a knock and a yell.

For no knock ever came,
      and no footsteps were heard;
Jesus came to the room
      without speaking a word.

Then what to their wondering eyes
      did appear?
It made them all speechless,
      and filled them with fear!

"Peace be with you,"
      he said with a smile,
Then said it once more
      for it took them awhile
To regain their senses
      and let it sink in
That Christ was alive
      and here with them again!

The reason he came
      was not just to please them;
But to give them his power,
      from fear to release them.

So he wasted no time
      as he stood there aglow,
But gave them a mission,
      and told them to go.

Then he breathed out his breath
      and his Spirit upon them,
And quick as he came,
      he suddenly left them.

Their souls, which were weary,
      were now filled with mirth,
And they had a new message
      to tell all the earth.

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