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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Episode 35: April 12 - Jack

I only knew him for a few months.
We worked together on a building project.
For a mission.
A shelter for homeless travelers.
He could have been one himself.
His life had not been easy.

"It's a little disturbing."
He confided one day.
"It's the first time in my life
I haven't had an ulterior reason
for what I'm doing.
It isn't for religion either."

Good, I said to myself
Now you're getting the idea.
Jesus' idea.
Jesus was against
ulterior motives.  Including
religious ulterior motives

Doing something for somebody else
so I can get something from them
is ulterior.  So is
doing something for somebody else
so I can get something from God.

Jesus' idea was
doing something for somebody else
because that person-needs it.
That's all.
Not to be rewarded, even by God.

It was a strange idea Jesus had.
If we catch ourselves actually doing it
it's usually a little disturbing.

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