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Friday, April 1, 2011

Episode 32: April 9 - Review

O.K.  Here’s where we have come so far.
1.  Life is a mystery.  (We searched ourselves for understanding, and journeyed through the wilderness.)
2.  God is a deeper mystery.  (We contemplated the unseen Mystery, and seeing the Mystery in Jesus.)
3.  The key is love (to understanding the mystery of life and the Mystery of God.)
4.  You have received a great gift (the love of God) and it is in your hands to pass along.

Now, what do we do?
Yes that’s the question. 
We asked it on Ash Wednesday.

Dust and breath;
matter and spirit.
That’s who we are.

And how do we live?
            Dust and breath?
            Matter and spirit?

Answering that question
is your assignment
for the rest of your life
(as it always has been.)

Next week we’ll look at a few examples.  Not that they will answer the question,
but they will be something to consider.

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